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Assembly Variant on 3D-PCB

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Assembly Variant on 3D-PCB

Hello there,


i have different assembly variants of an pcb and a couple of components shall not be populated.

As far as i understand, i can only select the variant in the shematic.


Now, if i push my board to 3D PCB, all packages show up, regardless of the pcb variant selected.


For documentation purposes i would like to show the 3D PCB exactly as defined in the specific variant. So unpolupated parts are actually unpopulated.


Is there a way to select/show a pcb variant in the 3D PCB window which i can not find?


I know i can hide each part manually, but ideally i would just like to switch between each variant in the 3D PCB window.

E.g. in the "CONFIGURE 3D PCB" Window, a button to select a variant and hide/show unpopulated parts.


Thanks and best regards

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@iPack90 , Assembly Variant is not supported in 3D PCB yet.

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