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Align PCB Components with Mechanical Faceplate Positions

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Align PCB Components with Mechanical Faceplate Positions




I have a question regarding the electro-mechanical workflow of Fusion 360’s PCB design space and integrating the PCB design to follow the design constraints in the mechanical workspace.


Setting out what I am trying to achieve, I have a faceplate of a button box, designed in the mechanical workspace, with a back box, also designed in the mechanical workspace. Now, I want to design a PCB that has a perimeter shape defined by my faceplate as well as buttons which align to the holes on the faceplate - pretty simple I think?


So far, I have been able to create a PCB outline which fits within my box using the projected geometry sketch, as well as place my components into the PCB.


However, the challenge I now face (and where I need your help) is the following:

  • The buttons (PCB Footprints) on my PCB won't align or 'snap' to the geometry/central axis of the holes of my faceplate (as seen on my projected geometry white circles in the electronics workspace). I can't seem to find a command for this.

So far, I have tried projecting geometry from the faceplate onto the PCB (assigned to the Document Top Layer) and I have also just literally used my visual guess to click and drag the footprints to align the centre of the footprints on the PCB to the holes on the faceplate. However, I can’t find any command to get the PCB footprints to become central with the faceplate hole geometry. I have also tried ‘Edit in Place’ command within my mechanical assembly to visually align the buttons, but this doesn’t feel very professional nor does it place the centre of the component footprint directly central with the holes.


I am expecting some sort of align command or 'snap to point' function or maybe even use the ‘project geometry’ from the mechanical workspace into the PCB. But I can’t find anything?


I have looked through several tutorials on YouTube as well as your help guides on the Fusion website.


Have you any further documentation or tutorials I can follow to help me with my issue?

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