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Airwire Check Showing False Positives

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Airwire Check Showing False Positives



I have some Airwire check results that are reporting a connection is not made when a trace is routed to the pad.  I thought that maybe there was a wire stub that was very small and hidden by the SMD pad causing the error. So, I selected all traces within the pad and deleted them before re-routing a trace into the center of the pad.  After re-running the airwire check, Fusion360 still flags it as "not connected".


One photo below shoes the false positive Airwire being flagged by Fusion 360.  The second photo shows me routing a trace directly to the pad, ensuring that I am getting "center lock".  After rechecking for Airwires, the false positive still shows up.


Am I missing something else that I should be checking here?  This has happened before, and I just accepted the Airwire since the connection is obviously made, but now that it is happening again, I am nervous about the accuracy of DRC.

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The older eagles did this as well.

When you disable all layers except unrouted you will see a tiny tiny slimmer of unrouted.


When you click on it with the route tool it usually fixes it.

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Ah, nevermind, I tried again today by closing out the DRC error window after I fixed a supposed airwire, then re-ran the DRC check again and the issue was gone.

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