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Adding an additional silkscreen layer

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Adding an additional silkscreen layer

I would like to be able to add a layer to my library components so that the reference designator and the graphical courtyard are on different layers, both assignable to the silkscreen Gerber output. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be possible? I have created a new layer (Layer #100, "Courtyard"), and placed the courtyard graphics on it in my libraries. If I use that part on a PCB, I find, first, that the Courtyard layer from the library footprint does not propagate into the PCB file. So, I tried again, this time "pre-creating" the Courtyard layer in the PCB space and then adding the components from the library. Everything appears, but turning off the Courtyard layer in the PCB doesn't obscure the courtyard lines in the PCB. If I go to the CAM processor, SilkscreenTop and NamesTop are automatically assigned to  the silkscreen Gerber output. I can select the Courtyard layer to also be part of that Gerber output, but it has no effect. The only way to omit the courtyard graphics is to turn off the SilkscreenTop layer, which then also turns off the reference designator.


Is there a way to make enabling reference designators and courtyard graphics independent? I'd like the option to turn off courtyards in some cases. These are separate layers, by default, in other pacakges.

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Hi @tracy.wynn,


I hope you're doing well. So the good news is that we already have a a courtyard layer you can use you don't have to create the additional layers. These are the ComponentExcludeTop and ComponentExcludeBottom ( I know Courtyard is standard for Altium, but everyone uses a different term and this was the best balance we could arrive at). With these layers you draw the courtyards for the component, anytime the courtyards intersect you get a violation.

If you draw the courtyards on those layers you shouldn't have any problems. With that said your additional layer should just work. You mention that turning off layer 100 doesn't turn off the courtyards, is this correct?

You also mention that adding the courtyard layer to the silkscreen section of the gerber output has no effect. Would you be able to share some screenshots of what you are seeing? Would you be will to share the library for review, even a stripped out version would help figure out what's going on.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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