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Adding a logo to PCB

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Adding a logo to PCB



Fusion 360 newbie here.


I have an SVG logo that I want to add it to a PCB that I have designed - here's a PNG version:



I have the .ai version too, if it makes any difference.


I have converted it to DXF using an online conversion tool, and I have imported it using the import-dxf ULP (script?) targeting the layer #21 (tplace), and I ended up with a bunch of lines in the basic format of my logo, but without the black areas (just the outline):




How can I import/place my logo while preserving the original appearance (the filled areas).


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in reply to: silviu.ghita

I have found a workaround:


  1. Create a TTF font from your vector image(s).
    • There are a number of free tools available, I personally used the IcoMoon App, as it is free and works from a browser.
  2. Install the TTF font on your system.
  3. Open Fusion 360, and in the Preferences window navigate to General > Electronics page and uncheck the Always Vector Font option in the Misc panel.
  4. IMPORTANT: restart Fusion 360 if it was open when the font was installed or if the Always Vector Font  option was not already unchecked in the preferences
  5. Follow the steps outlined in the How to use custom fonts on PCBs with Fusion 360 video to place text on the PCB
    • Select your custom font and choose the needed glyph to add your graphic.
    • Resize and reposition as needed


Hope this helps.




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