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Add points to objects

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Add points to objects


please add points to objects. Eg. when user click on line, it will be highlighted, but points are missing. With points I mean on start and end points.

Arc should have curvature handle, start and end point and center point to move whole arc.

Circle should have center point and handle to resize radius.

String should have center point and handles for text height and stroke.


Just few things that will make UX better in F3E.

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Another example where (selectively) borrowing from the Fusion Sketch (and/or Design) UI would be beneficial. All of these things have been implemented already and 'just' need augmenting to understand the Electronics specific things like line width, pads etc.

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@silvio3105 , @jonrbloom , we did discuss this requirement before. Totally agree that Fusion sketch has many good features. We have started looking at how to implement the inferencing system of Fusion sketch in electronics environment - for example, when the cursor is nearby the end point of a wire or the center point of an arc, we can snap to that point. 

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I'm excited to hear this. This would be a huge step up from the existing UI, even without the rest of the sketch environment. Hopefully more will make it in over time.

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