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A new attempt to use Fusion 360 Electronics.

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A new attempt to use Fusion 360 Electronics.

Over time, I tried to use Fusion 360 Electronics for a new project.


I'm struggling with the user interface, I don't think it's as ergonomic as in Eagle. But it can be about habit.


Sometimes it happens that I click on MOVE, I mark the objects, but they are not marked.


But after displaying the "Circular dependency fault" error when generating 3D, FUSION 360 loses its main advantage and I have to return to EAGLE.


Otherwise, transferring the part footprint to the 3D model creation is great, even if, for example >NAME is not in the right place ;-).


2D drawing with using constraints and creating 3D models from 2D drawings in Fusion 360 is fantastic fun. You do it great. But Fusion 360 Electronics is grafting EAGLE to FUSION 360 and I'm not sure if the result is as good as the rest of FUSION 360.


Good luck and be healthy.

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in reply to: radikn

You are completly right. All that I also see. it is a mess and I got really upset today by editing a library of my own.

It gets worse and worse. Believe me. What have they done to EAGLE.




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in reply to: HarrySatt

Hi and thanks to see I am not alone, sometime I ask myself if I am bad !! I use Eagle since 20 year ago.


I totally agree with you the library management is a disaster, too complicated, not stable, not intuitive, not successful, I waste more time trying to understand Bugs than really working, I tried to sensitize the Eagle team, but nothing to do for them all is ok ...🤬


What a shame to be so deaf and not attentive to the requests of historical customers.


I am Teacher in a Big UK university and we are testing a new solution like EasyEDA , a very simple, more and most  powerful app in MacOS than Fusion.

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in reply to: RitchieParis


for me I do not see the benefit of switching enviroment. I got the answer that AD is working hard on solving all the issues with the electronic. I think that AD should be more intiutive for EAGLE users and have an ear on the question and hurdles experiended users come over. I have been with EAGLE from 0.9 and yes, it was a long way of asking questions and giving hints to get EAGLE where it is now. But AD with the integration into FUSION360 broke some common workflows so it is hard the understand, by the best.

What I want to see is not only a error message but also a hint where it can be solved.

regards, harald



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