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4-Layer Board Net Tie

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4-Layer Board Net Tie

I had a previous questions around creating different ground planes, but think I should separate the two questions from each other, as this one is around net-ties.


The following setup:




So here is the idea:
I read a lot about different ways to create net-ties, with 0-Ohm resistors, or virtual components, or Short-libraries. Also connecting via ground pours that overlap and giving them the same rank. But this does not work in my case as I am working on a 4 layer board.

Here is what I created:


  • Below the XTAL I created a GND2 Pour that has a rank of 1 on layer 2 of the board (the GND Layer)
  • The outer GND plane of Layer 2 has a rank of 5.
  • With that i could achieve separating the ground planes GND and GND2 as I intended. Then I connected the load caps with vias to the underlying GND2 plane.

Now the challenge: I need to make a connection between the GND2 plane on layer 2 and the rest of the GND plane on Layer 2. But the approaches above mentioned don't work when I am not on the top layer. The overlapping polygons also don't work, as the isolation between both pours is necessary and created not with a cutout area but with the isolation property of the plane.


How can I connect the two planes?


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