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3D Packages Missing and Shown as White Squares.

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3D Packages Missing and Shown as White Squares.

Hi everyone,


I just recently started playing around with Eagle and Fusion. For my first test, I used one of the Sparkfun Board Eagle files and converted it to 3D PCB in fusion using the push/pull function. As expected, the Fusion 360 model didn't have any 3D packages so it's just the PCB with a bunch of grey squares over the footprints. From there, I added the 3D packages (from my Library IO) in the schematics portion of the Eagle file and pushed it Fusion from the board portion of Eagle.


It gave green checkers before the pushing part but when I checked Fusion, everything is covered by a white square. Not sure what is going on here.



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Hi @salesagriculex,

I hope you're doing well. Did you try going into the schematic and doing a library update? Once you make changes to the components an update should solve it.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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Hi Jorge,


I tried what you suggested. I clicked "update..." and "update all" under the Library for both the schematic and board. Did a push to Fusion. Nothing changed in the 3D model. 


I went to check on the 3D package of the devices in the schematic and it still shows there are 3D model attached to it.


Screenshot (5).pngScreenshot (6).png

Screenshot (7).pngScreenshot (8).png

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