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3d models for regular fusion 360

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3d models for regular fusion 360

I am working on a flight sim cockpit and creating a radio with a couple of 7-segment displays. I have modeled up my radio in Revit since that is a program I use daily in my work.
I can model up all the components as simple family extrusions in Revit (e.g. the perfboards, the display, etc.). Because Revit is much easier for me to use to model stuff as opposed to Fusion360, I create everything in Revit and then import .sat files from Revit into Fusion 360.
But the problem with Revit is that lines smaller than 1/32" cannot be created. So I cannot model the small ~.02mm connector pins in revit. I will need to do that in Fusion 360.

What would really help speed up the process is a model of the standard pin headers, and even machine pin headers since I cannot model those pins in REvit.

I could eventually create those small pins and the plastic casing around the pins in Fusion360 but it would be so much easier and quicker if I could just import 3d models of those pin headers into Fusion 360.

Is that possible? Are there 3d models for those pin headers that I could grab from somewhere?

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Nevermind.....I got it sorted out.

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