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3D device position does not match 2D PCB footprint

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3D device position does not match 2D PCB footprint

Hi! I startet with Fusion 360 Electronics this week, so sorry for this dumb question. I placed some LED on my PCB which worked fine... made a circle.. all happy. The i wanted to place some LED below the LED ring and i thought I can just copy and paste it. I can, but I can do whatever I want, in the 3D PCB the device model is always not matching the footprint. See screencast. Whats the trick? 

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Hi @schulz_matthias 

I hope you are doing well!

Sorry for this issue. If you don't mind, please try to break then link between 2d PCB and 3d PCB.

Then you can Push to 3D PCB again to see if it works well for you.

If it still can't work, you can send me your electronics design and I will check for you.

I will send you my email address as a private message.



Panpan Fan

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Hi Panpan,

break the link, push again worked for me. Thank you very much. But it's still a strange behavior. What I did too,was to create my own LED WS2812B and used this one. That worked fine. Once I switched over to the WS2812B included in the 360 library I had the problem again. But for now I am ok with breaking the link.



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