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2D pcb is wires up wrong compared to schematic.

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2D pcb is wires up wrong compared to schematic.

So after designing and making a pcb, adding the parts and then hooking it up I realized nothing worked as designed. Which was weird. Cause my brother is a electrical engineer and he looked over my schematic, did some match and said the design  was perfectly fine. SO after troubleshooting I found that my mosfet gate trace was hooked to my output connector. Which was weird cause my mosfet drain should be hooked up to it. So after looking over my schematic and 2D PCB in fusion I realized that the PCB was completely wired to the mosfet wrong. I looked of my parts and could not find any problems with pin to pad connection. So now I am lost at what is going on. I am hoping someone could help me cause I am definitely no expert in this and it has been years of to get where I am now. 


I'm sure you all are going to want to look at my design but I am not sure how to upload all of it. I did have to import and edit a few components in order to get them to work. I uploaded a model before but that is about it.

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Can you share screenshot of schematic and PCB(with air wires).

Maybe sch and pcb are out of sync.

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It sounds like a problem with your library. Very closely verify the individual names of the pins and pads and their mapping in the library editor and verify them against the part datasheets. Then in your board file rip-up the traces for any parts you fixed, followed by the "Update design from all libraries used in design" tool.

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I have gone over the data sheets. the pin names and pads and made sure the they were connected appropriately. This was the first problem I looked at. And I look at it at least a half dozen times thinking maybe I'm not saving it correctly or something. but they are solid. You did mention "Update design from all libraries used in design" IDK how too do that. I'll look now and see if I can find it and report back. 

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here are the pics

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second batch

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Doing the "Update design from all libraries used in design" in schematic and running the DRC in the PCB fixed it!!!!! Thank you so much. I would of probably never found that without your help.

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