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2D and 3D PCB say they are Synced, but are not.

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2D and 3D PCB say they are Synced, but are not.

Starting a few weeks back, we noticed that our 3D rendering was not taking the changes we made in the 2D PCB layout screen when we pushed to 3D. All options set like this:


The component warning is about the Placeholder packages we have.


Our 2D PCB looks like this (look closely at the silkscreen for the signals, by the left and right edge fingers):



But the 3D looks like this:




We are not sure why this is happening, and would love to clear out any corruption in the file without losing the real important stuff.

If needed, I can provide the project in a Zip.

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@chris_cummingsDT , can you try this: go to 2D PCB, change the preset option to "Fastest", push to 3D PCB. Then change the options back and push again. 

If it doesn't work, please click “Remove 3D PCB Link" in 2D PCB document and push again.

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Thank you so much for these suggestions! The first pass of changing to fastest made no difference on the silkscreen but I did not know I could "unlink" the 3D board and basically start over. That made a HUGE difference and points to the likely problem that I have!


When it went to render from scratch, the real reason it was not updating is likely tied to the fact that this is a Design Block, not a real PCB! This makes perfect sense, as I can imagine many rendering tasks are tied to the PCB itself, which is missing in a design block. 

If we add a border, the design block breaks upon insertion into a larger PCB.

However, you can see that if we go ahead and add one temporarily, 


And Walla! The silkscreen is now updated. I guess maybe we need to know if there is a way to have a board outline in a design block that will automatically strip it upon insertion, or if we should not expect to have a 3D version of a design block (unless we fudge temporarily).

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FYI, here is the "Break 3D PCB link" command:

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