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2D and 3D changes don't stay in sync, things are severed

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2D and 3D changes don't stay in sync, things are severed

I was trying to move a part in a 3D view, and it would constantly tell me that 2D and 3D changes aren't in sync.  Also I would see messages that say F/B Annotations have bene severed. Not sure what F/B means.  The problem is I don't know how to resolve this problem.  Both docs are saved.  What am I supposed to do with this message?  I've attached 1 videos for this.  Though I have two other public ones in case they are helpful.


Also related I was trying to include my board in a 3D design so that I could create an enclosure.  The key feature I'm excited about is how I can modify the the PCB in place. I created a new design, drag and dropped the Brd 3D PCB, then tried to move 3 LEDs and a set of the pin headers.  I used the pencil icon to edit, which pops up a Associativity for Edit is turned on, which I guess is the default.  When I moved a part, the PCB wasn't updated.  I went back and forth between the 2D and 3D views trying to figure out what happened, but it was late so I shut fusion 360 down and saved.  Now I've reopened the project and the Pin headers and 1 LED seems to have moved along with the associated traces.  But the other two LEDs now got set back to their original position.  I can try and record another video, but before investing the time to do that, is there something I'm doing wrong?  Maybe somebody can supplied numbered steps?


Thanks, Paul

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It seems this key feature is broken.  Can somebody help?  

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Hi @paulelong 

I hope you are doing well! For the 2d and 3D out of sync banner, do you try to Click View 3D PCB in 2d PCB editor?

In the video, I can only see that you just switch tab from 2D PCB to 3D PCB but not click View 3D PCB command.

The View 3D PCB command will make 2D PCB and 3D PCB sync. In most cases, the out of sync banner will disappear. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 10.59.56 PM.png

If it can't work well, it may have some problems in this case. Can you have a try? Thanks!



Panpan Fan

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@panpan_fan, thanks for the info.  I think you are right, as I tried that option later and it does seem to fix the issue.  I would be helpful to provide a hint in the warning bar, or better yet make it fixable right from there.


Part two is still an issue for me.  But will start a new topic since for that one with a new video.  And mark yours as the answer.

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