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24 inch display but working expierience is like workin on 13'!!

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24 inch display but working expierience is like workin on 13'!!

Every time I start this poor unfinished nonstop crashing paid alpha software I have a feeling I am working on my old 13' Compaq Armada laptop.


Why design manager and inspector are always extended? 24 inches display but workspace is like on 13'! They should be always hidden or user defined on start-up: hidden/auto-hidden/show.


They do everything against users.


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I've not really experienced that, can you provide a screenshot?
This is what I get when I log into Fusion:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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My fault I was not precise. It shows when you open project, in schematic tab and in PCB tab. I know I can close it but why do I need to make it every time. I do not need it, it should be hiddedn as long as I do not need .Make it please user defined on start-up. I understand someone with 60' inches display can like it. I hate it.


By the way there is always annoying message about library update, is it really true? Every time it push me to do this update, every time, I do not believe that someone is changing library 24H/7. No any fusion360.png



changes from side in any libs.

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Ah, that makes more sense.

I have zero experience with the electronic design space in Fusion, I'll try to find a dev to chime in on this

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I agree when all those tabs are open it leaves you limited amount of space to work on. But you can still hide those tabs.
I use 1920x1080 screen on laptop and 2K on Desktop. When using 2K I never feel that I am limited by those tabs. It is actually not related to size of your monitor rather it's resolution.

As a result I would recommend you to move on 4K if possible.

Also, please do not spam post!

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Why do I have to close those tabs everytime, you did not get my message. Please make it user defined and that is all.


Spamming /unwanted/ was due to auto desk server problems. They can clean it I can not. Server was busy or something.


I have 1900x1200 res on my screen, it is enough for me and I have 3 new displays which I am not going to change to 4k. With 4 K you will need to have glasses to see components names or values.

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Solution was posted in similar topic here:


In few words we must hide panels from file menu/view.

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