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200 + EM Coils

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200 + EM Coils

So I’ve been experimenting with Shapr3D and found that my particular design has 200+ EM coils with several hundred turns of copper wire on each one. I got to roughly 7000 tessellating bodies before the application crashed completely and I’m unable to access that workspace. I’m wondering if Autodesk fusion 360 has the capability to have a few hundred turns of copper wires winding around 200+ spindles and also have the ability to have copper lead wires away from those coils and on to say a capacitor without having the same issue. 


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Why would you want to model all the turns?

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So that I can accurately depict my invention in a patent application as well as directly import the model into COMSOL for magnetic field testing. I'm just trying to get a feel for products out there that can actively show wires leading from many EM Coils. I don't have a lot of funds to throw around as patent applications take plenty of money. Not to mention time. I don't want to spend weeks or even months using AutoCAD if it has the chance of permanently crashing the workspace. I'd be better off sketching the design manually. But holy pants is that a task and a half itself

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