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2 Part Symbol one Device

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2 Part Symbol one Device

How do I create a Part A and Part B symbol for a single component? I have a dual RS422 driver and want to split each out into its own symbol.

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in reply to: davepow16

Hi @davepow16 ,


You can create a multi-gate part in Fusion Electronics for your use case. In the Electronics Library editor, create new symbols for the gates that you want to add in your device. The symbol for all gates used in the device could be same or different. Say for example if you have 3 gates A, B, C with A and B both same symbol and C having different symbol, you may create 2 new symbols.

You may create a new footprint for the device with as many pads/holes as there would be in the device. Then create a new device. Click Add Part in the toolbar and you will see list of all symbols. Select the symbol you want to place in the device and place it on the canvas. Each time you place a symbol in the device, it would be one gate. So if you place first symbol 2 times, it would be Gate 1 and Gate 2. If you place another symbol 1 time, it would be Gate 3. You may use the Name command in device editor to give names to Gates like A, B, C etc.

Once you have desired number of symbols/gates, link the pins of symbols to footprint pads/holes and save the device. Your device should be ready to use in the Electronic schematics and PCB. When you would select the part to be placed in schematic, you would get the gates to be placed in schematic one by one (in the example above, you would place A first and then B and C, ABC won't be placed together).


Hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this. Thank you for your participation on our forums.

Rajat Goel
Software Engineer
Autodesk Fusion 360 Electronics
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in reply to: davepow16

Hi guys, 

Having same trouble creating 2 gates device, a standard double diode in SOT-23 package,

I created new device, added two symbol parts or "gates" in to device, and it not allows me to pick 3 pin SOT-23 package from a list...

Is it can be resolved? or there is some other workaround?



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