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Where to find a Fusion 360 private tutor?

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Where to find a Fusion 360 private tutor?

Hi, I'm wondering where everyone thinks is the best website / forum to find a skilled Fusion 360 tutor to help teach best practices and assist remotely on working on a simple learning project. Any ideas inquiries can be sent to fteiyp@gmail.com

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Hi, I will let the community answer your question, however I just wanted to give a friendly reminder that this is a public forum! Please make sure you are careful posting public information such as your email address publicly! We typically say that if you wouldn’t want this information posted on a billboard on the side of the road, don’t post it here! Our community has a private messaging feature that you can first use and send your email directly to someone who replies there if you so choose! If you don’t mind it being there, no problem! It doesn’t violate any of our rules, I just wanted to make sure you were aware! 😊

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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Hi @reidsheA3 

Here are a few ideas, and soon Autodesk will be posting additional Fusion 360 content for educators. 
Do these sites help? Other may have additional ideas.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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