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trajectory network

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trajectory network

How to make a trajectory network for this circle in this line?
thank you

reseau trajectoire.PNG 

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in reply to: swimii.romdhani

Hi @swimii.romdhani For what I think you want to do, you will use the sweep command. You may also be able to use the pipe command. 


The sweep command requires a path and profile sketch. The profile sketch needs to be 90 degrees to the path. You can create a plane on the path by using the plane along path command and placing the path at either 0 or 1 (beginning or end). You can then draw your profile on that plane and use the sweep command to sweep the profile along the path. 


With the pipe command, you can click on your spline and enter the OD, and if you want it to be hollow, a wall thickness. 


I've attached a file that shows both examples. First I used the sweep. You will see a path sketch, then a plane along path set at 0, and then the sweep command. There is a second body shown using sketch 1 over again using the pipe command. 


If you need more assistance, let me know and I can see if I can make some better instructions or a video. 



Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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in reply to: kellings

Hello kevin thanks a lot for the request  

I need the option  trajectory on the network to create the hole stitch in the pattern of the leather.
Same in the picture below.

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