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Tracing a channel along an existing contour

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Tracing a channel along an existing contour

I'm working on a foam insert for the lid of a Pelican case. There are some fins in the lid that the foam has to fit around. I would like to make all of those contours at least as wide as my 1/4" endmill so I can just cut them with one pass and not have to worry about changing endmills mid cut.


In the attached file, at each of the four corners of the body labeled "lid top", you should see that the channel running the length of the body suddenly takes a curve. You should be able to tell that the channel is 1/4" wide, and the little curved bit isn't. I would like to continue the 1/4" wide channel along those curves and I just can't wrap my head around how to do that.


Pelican provides CAD files of almost all their cases. This is for a Pelican 1460. I'm attempting to break down all interiors into 90deg shapes, steps and cavities and preferably only through cuts rather than any pockets where possible. That's why this looks as strange as it does.


One idea that I think will work, though it will be clumsy, will be to split the body where the sort of base chunk is, and then come from underneath and try to find a radius, create a circle, and then extrude cut that away. I just figure there has to be a smarter way.

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Hey I discovered the sweep function. Who knew? I think that's probably the best bet, but I'm happy to hear other options folks come up with.

I also realized that by selecting certain contours for cutting and ignoring that in this case my endmill would "run into" parts of the model, I could essentially do what I wanted to begin with.

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Hi @jludwigC73AM I think you nailed it with your choice. 



Kevin Ellingson
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