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TinkerCAD style UserAccounts

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TinkerCAD style UserAccounts

Wondering if there is anything like the TinkerCAD user accounts, but for Fusion360?

The biggest pain point is student's remembering passwords, email addresses, etc. Although a Digital Literacy skill they should develop, it easily derails a classroom when a student can't access. Also makes it more difficult as we act as a free specialist tech center to train up all the students and teachers in the local area so we can not ask for students emails or to sign up for systems. The way TinkerCAD works solves our issues, but its limitations are evident when students try to design.

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Hi @carlingrieve 
It's a great question, however, this is not an option for Fusion 360. Your students will need to have accounts with Fusion 360. Typically we recommend that students initially sign up for Fusion 360 using their school email addresses so that they are easy to remember or check as a teacher. 


As for new students, the best bet is to get them to sign up themselves before the session or at the start of your session.


When supporting other schools, I would recommend talking to the teachers at the school and asking them to get their students to sign up before your session. Once they have their account they can log in anywhere so this can normally be done by the teachers, even if they don't know anything about Fusion 360 itself!

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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Thank you for your reply.
Thought that may have been the case. Unfortunately getting teachers to create accounts for the students ends up only achievable with early adopters, as the process is not the most intuitive for teachers.

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