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Student Registration Reflection

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Student Registration Reflection

Hello everyone. I want to share my experience here to see offer it as feedback for Autodesk and I'm curious if others have had the same or similar experience. I love using Fusion360 in my classes but I dread the set up process at the start of each semester.


This fall I have 30 intro to engineering students and so far we have spent about 3 hours of class time trying to get them into the fusion web app. I love this app by the way. We don't have computers but our kids do have chromebooks. 3 hours in I still have two students who have not yet been able to access the program.


In class today I had three students all with their computers on my desk who weren't here when we started setting up accounts in a previous class. As we went through the process they got three different results. One student created an account, verified email and was off and running in fusion. Another was directed to confirm eligibility and after looking up our school name she was good to go. Another student got the confirm eligibility and put in his information and was then directed to the page to upload documentation. The button to attach his documentation was not in the same location as it was in January when I last registered students. It took us 20 minutes to find the new button location.


All of my students have been invited to my team via Fusion Teams. One out of 30 was prompted to create her own team before she could log in to Fusion browser despite showing up in my fusion team roster. We created a fake team for her in the end because it seemed the only way forward. 


Three weeks ago when we first started setting up fusion accounts (We had some disruption due to the fires in California.) I was able to logon to my autodesk account and assign products to my students so they didn't have to verify their student status. Today, when I tried to do this the button are no longer there and I'm seeing a message that I have no assignable products. 


In the end I think all but two were able to get in. We had a few absent so I'll have to verify on Monday. My two that are still pending uploaded their documentation (strange that not everyone was asked for this) but still are unable to sign into the web browser because it says they must have an education account. Our plan for them is to try on Monday to see if it has processed and they can get in. 


I love the product, but I have never encounter this much difficulty setting up student accounts with any other program before. I'm wondering if others have similar experiences or am I somehow just missing something? 







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in reply to: pdelosa

Hi @pdelosa,


Thanks for sharing your experience and sorry to hear it's been so frustrating for you.


Are there any assignable products for other teams you may have under that view in Autodesk Account?


And just to be clear, are you assigning access to Fusion 360 to your students via the Education Community, as outlined in this article?


Also feel free to direct message me with your email address so that we can take a closer look at your account.




Gabe Anderson
Senior Product Manager, Education Subscription
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in reply to: pdelosa

Hi @pdelosa 

Thanks for the feedback. A couple follow up questions and an answer.

  1. For the students who had to go through the eligibility process:
    1. Did you assign these students licenses?
    2. If not, when the students created their Autodesk account, did the students use their school email address or a generic email like gmail? If a generic email is used, those usually require documentation to prove they are an active student.
  2. I'm not sure why your assigned licenses of Fusion 360 disappeared. I have a request into our support group to see what may have caused this.
  3. For the Fusion Team question. Every Fusion 360 Education user first creates their own Fusion Team. Is it possible that all the students created a Team when they first logged into Fusion 360? Then your students can switch to your Team.

I'll let you know when I learn something about the disappearing licenses.



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: gabe.anderson

Oh my god. I didn't realize I could switch between team and my single user storage while on that view. Just found the button and it seems I can assign seat again. That's embarrassing. Thanks for the quick reply. I hope I can remember this in January. 

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in reply to: dan.banach

I was trying to assign them licenses, but I was unable. After reading the response above I realized I was in my single user storage and needed to flip over to team in order to be able to assign seats. I don't know if I've run into that before but as soon as I checked sure enough there was the button to switch from single user to team and when I did I could assign products again. 


All of my students are using their school accounts which end in @Anonymous.bomusd.org. That is one of the first things I check when they come to me with problems. 


I can't say for sure if they are createing their own team and then switching to mine. In the past I had to walk the whole class through creating their own team and then switching later after teams became an option. Lately I haven't been seeing this on the kids sign up process for most of them. Out of this batch I didn't mention teams to them at all because I had emailed them an invite to my team, but 1 of them came up to me to ask what to do when she got the create a team page. 


Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate the support I get from the Autodesk team. You guys are awesome!


I'm curious if other teachers are struggling with this process or if I'm just not getting it. Once I get the kids in the program things tend to go great. 


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in reply to: pdelosa

Hi @pdelosa 

Thanks for the update. I'm glad you are now able to add members to your Fusion Team. I wrote an article that may help: Getting Started with Fusion Team for Education.

Also, Single-User Storage will be retiring in the near future, so this won't be an issue for long.




Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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