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Student license expired - how to reset a group

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Student license expired - how to reset a group

I am a teacher with a number of class groups set up with Fusion 360 license. The license has expired. How do I re-set their licenses please?

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in reply to: sfowler

Hi @sfowler
I will be happy to help!

Firstly, we need to determine how they received their licenses: 

If they verified themselves: they can renew their own verification themselves by visiting the Autodesk Education Page
From this page, a banner at the top of the page should say "Renew". They can click on this button to go through the renewal process. This should be the same (or potentially even quicker) than it was when they first verified themselves. Once they are verified again, they will need to go through the motions of downloading Fusion 360 again from the same page above. The download itself is not important, but the process of doing this activates a new license for Fusion 360. 

If you assigned them a license from your account as an educator: their licenses are all dependant on yours being active. In this case, it is likely that you need to renew your verificiation. Once you have renewed, both your own and the students that you assigned licenses to, should be reactivated. You can renew yourself by following the same steps as outlined above from the Autodesk Education Website. 

If you are still unsure you can always come back here and I will be happy to help you out! 

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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in reply to: o.briggs

Thank you for your swift response.
They were invited individually once a class group was set up.
My account is active.
I can remove them from a group.
I can assign them Fusion 360.
I will look and see if the have a renew banner, I didn't see one.
Does removing them and adding them again reset the license?
I assume they do not lose any of their files.

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