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Simple PCB drawing and manufacturing

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Simple PCB drawing and manufacturing



I have been using Fusion 360 for several years now but as a CNC router user.  


I find myself back as an educator and want to introduce my students to the potential of Fusion 360.  I have been asked to deliver a simple Stead Hand Game to bring electronics back into the curriculum.


This year the students are all receiving Chromebooks; I know that I can set up classrooms and have them all access Fusion 360 via the browser.


My question is; where do I start with PCBs in Fusion?  A quick google has led me to some very complex youtube videos.


Ideally what I want is to set up a 'components' folder full of the components the circuit needs, provide them with the PCB, and then get them to digitally make the circuit and test it before launching into soldering the real thing - really no more than 1hrs lesson. 


Is there any online resource you guys can point me towards to help me with this please?  Is Fusion the best application for something this basic?


I have two members of the DT team who have never used Fusion so I will need to introduce them to the entire package!


As ever, thank you very much for any help you can offer!



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Hi @r.shillito 

If you only have an hour, I wonder if Tinkercad Circuits / Electronics may be easier. If needed, you can also pass the Tinkercad circuit to Fusion 360.


If you decide on Fusion, here is a list of tutorials that I received from the electronics team.

Teach Me PCB in Fusion 360

Episode 1: Introduction 

Episode 2: Analyzing the Schematic to inform Layout

Episode 3: Making the Board outline and initial placement

Episode 4: Finishing Placement and Routing

Episode 5: Finishing Touches and Manufacturing Data


Hope this helps.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: r.shillito

Hey @dan.banach 


Thanks for this -  I will take a look at TinkerCad as well as the tuts thanks!!



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