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show commands on screen

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show commands on screen

Hi, I am a 3d technician at a dedicated arts university, where we are slowly get up to speed with most aspects of CAD and CAM. Over the last few years all of Fusion instruction has been in the workshops one on one. But as of this week I will be going to full class room environment 😞
I no I have seen it some where but I cant find it now. Is there a way for me to turn on, On screen commands so the class can follow easier.


thanks S

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in reply to: s.bassett

Hi Stephen,

While in Fusion 360, press the S key and a dialog box appears. Here you can search for commands and you can customize the dialog box by adding common commands. Note that the tools in the dialog box will changed based on the environment and workspace your in. For example when you’re in the Sketch environment, you’ll see sketch related tools.


Please let me know if this is what you’re looking for.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: s.bassett

Thanks Dan

I don't think I am using the right terminology with commands, what i am looking for is like when you are following an online tutorial the key stroke/commands appear live in the corner.


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in reply to: s.bassett

@s.bassett alternatively if you are asking about a keystroke visualiser (so that students can see the keyboard commands you are using on the big screen):


As far as I know this isn’t a tool that Autodesk offers for live view however there are a number of external software that can do it for you. All they do is take the keyboard input and display it on the screen. One I have used before is Carnac which worked well for me but I believe OBS has an option for it too now. Most likely you will have seen this in YouTube videos as a lot of YouTubers use it to show their keyboard actions on the video. 

On the flip side, you may be thinking about Autodesk Screencast which is a screen recording software that Autodesk offers. It records the screen but also logs the tools you use and displays that information on the screen as you use each one. I do not believe that it is possible to do this in a live situation though. To use these features you will need to record a video to share with your students and only in the video will the tool logging be displayed! 


Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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in reply to: o.briggs

thanks Oliver
Thats what I was looking for,  keystroke visualiser. Shame its not in the software, Its very long winded to get a different piece of software installed in the teaching suits.

thanks again S

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in reply to: s.bassett

I agree with Oliver that Carnac is likely the best bet.  If you are running a windows machine with Win11 you might need to do some testing.  I don't think Carnac has been updated and might not run on an 11 machine as anticipated.  There are several out there like vovsoft as well.  I think "Keystroke visualizer" is likely a good keyword.  You might have IT restrictions depending on your schools setup.  I know Carnac is not an installed program but does run in your tray.


When I do the keys on screen for youtube videos it is done manually with Camtasia.  Not really a "live" setting type option.  Some recorders offer options to capture keystrokes and mouse clicks if you do end up recording rather than doing a live demo.

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in reply to: s.bassett

Thanks for feed back guys, with our setup I think it may be just verbal 

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