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Shortcuts are not working in design workspace

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Shortcuts are not working in design workspace

I have been using Fusion 360 for a long time without any problems. On the other hand, yesterday (February 22, 2022), after starting the program, I could not rotate and move the models with the shortcuts. If I select manually e.g. the orbit option, I can rotate the model, but (which has worked so far), if I press the shift + mouse scroll button, I can't rotate the model. I suspect an update in the background may have something to do with it.
I reinstalled the program and later updated the video card, but it didn't help.
Previously e.g. the joint "J key" command did not work with the other shortcut commands either, now it works after reinstallation, but the rotate, move shortcut keys do not.
I attach some pictures:



Video card is: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M


I don't know if anyone knows a solution to the problem.
Thanks in advance.
Sincerely, Adam Zilahi

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Hi @adamzilahi 

Firstly I would recommend you try some of the steps in this article:



If you are still having issues come

back and let me know! 

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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