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Shelling Issue — Beginner User

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Shelling Issue — Beginner User

I'm clicking hollow and then select a face of a cube and I specify thickness and hit okay. Instead of being able to click the inside face that is now "exposed" within, the hollow feature leaves an impenetrable plane where it actually looks hollow, but when I put my cursor over the inner surface it is still selecting the old outer invisible surface. So I can't modify the inner face. Has anyone faced a similar situation? Thanks 🙂

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Hi @brettmacdonnell It looks like you have placed a sketch on the very top face. Fusion often favors selecting sketch entities over solid bodies. Two things you can do. Go to your sketches folder, expand it and turn off the sketch that is visible by clicking the eye. 


You can also hover your mouse over the area where you want to do your command and long left click and hold. After a few seconds, a dialog will appear. At that point let off the left mouse button and hover over the options in that dialog. You can then select through the sketch. 

If you are still stuck, post a link to your file (right click on the file in your data panel and choose share link. Make sure you set it to be downloadable and then share the file URL here). Or export the file as a .f3d and attach the file here for us to look at. 

Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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wow wow wow!! That was so helpful. You really know your stuff. Thank you very much, and happy holidays!

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