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Share the projects you use to teach Fusion!

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Share the projects you use to teach Fusion!

I would love to see some of the projects that you all use to teach Fusion and what about your projects make them work so well for teaching? 


Personally, I use a computer workstation project! It has a desk, computer tower, screens, keyboard and mouse! 

I love a few things about this project:

1. It is something that users are familiar with. They are often sitting at a desk & using a computer, so for first time CAD users, having the real thing in front of them helps to get their head around the process! 
2. It is a project that suits all lengths of training. For example, I commonly have shorter training sessions and will only take them through modelling the desk, but with several days of training, you can go through as much or little as suits! 
3. I designed the whole project to make use of all the tools needed to pass the Autodesk Certified User exam. If I train someone and we go through the whole project, they have all the knowledge of the tools and only need experience to help them pass the ACU!

Here are some renders of the model I use!

Computer_Workstation_2020-Dec-13_09-12-05PM-000_CustomizedView22821666981_png.png image.png

I would love to hear what projects and designs you all use when teaching Fusion, or the projects that you have students complete when using Fusion to gain more experience! 

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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I am a CNC Machining instructor. I am weak on 3d modeling but Fusion 360 has helped me learn.  I like to take on projects and create models/drawings so we can make parts.  We work with HS engineering class to make anything they need.  learning how to design and then learn how to design something that is able to be made can be 2 different paths.  this is a shifter for a car. it is 2 pieces. 




The inside is a hex and very difficult to machine. But things like this are a good way to learn for both the designer and the maker.  3d Printing (additive) can make almost anything but CNC machining (subtractive) is a different animal. So we ask what is the function and what we can or cannot do. 


STC School CNC project screencast 

CNC Machinist Education Network
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Here is a good machining example that I havne't seen enough. 


Should be everything you need to help a student CAD and CAM a speed vise handle. 




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Our 8th graders make electric guitar bodies. We start with an engineering drawing of a Fender Telecaster. They work through getting all of the electrical component pockets located precisely. They then have some artistic license to design a custom body. I limit the tools they can use and total machining time must be less than 1 hour.  We then mill them, finish them, and assemble them so that they have working guitars at the end of the project. 

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@ jdukovich
Very impressive. Amazing what you're doing with 8th graders.

Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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yes awesome project and it has Function !  what CNC machine are you using? 

CNC Machinist Education Network

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