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Shape optimization solve error

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Shape optimization solve error

I'm trying topology optimization on a laptop table. And this is the error showing. Please help me solve this

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Hi @ajithchandran.1808001 

there are a few different possibilities as to what could be causing this error: 

  • The minimum target mass is too small
  • Mesh is not fine enough (to coarse)
  • The requested mass target is not possible, taking into account the criteria such as areas to be preserved.


The first thing to try is reducing the target mass. It is important that the target mass is possible given the volume and load, if the simulation cannot find any solutions it will throw up an error! 

you can also try refining your mesh to give your model more (and smaller) mesh faces. This gives the program more flexibility in the shape that it can produce and may allow it enough flexibility to create a shape that matches your criteria. 

I recommend playing around with the  target mass and mesh settings to try and solve the issue. If you are still having the error pop up then let me know and we can try our best to sort the issue! 

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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The problem with this situation is that it is a bit outside what Shape Optimization can handle.  Shape Op is looking at just the load path and we would need to assume the table surface is a rigid body.  I bet if you loaded the side of the table you would get a solution.  This problem is likely a good candidate for Generative Design.  Another way to do this is you could create the table and legs as one large block and then preserve a small section on the top and the bottom of the feet.  


Something to keep in mind is that Shape Op is only looking at load paths and only a single loading condition.  Generative design will factor multiple load conditions so if you have a table with 500lbs perfectly distributed or 500lbs on the end then it will factor both in.


If you end up getting a result you still need to validate it with a static stress either linear or non-linear and or buckling depending on your design.


Another thing to consider is the Optimization settings are made to change the colorbar mesh results and really don't affect the solve.  It will simply give you the target range and you can manually adjust that before promoting the mesh.


I attached an image of a sample I ran using the large block method so you can see it works.  Since simulation results are stored on the cloud the download link likely won't contain the solve but I did promote the mesh.






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