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Rendering problems, shadows and reflections

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Rendering problems, shadows and reflections

Hey there!

I'm in a puzzle about Fusion render situation.

I combined downloaded truck model that consists of mesh parts with models i made in Fusion 360.

I did first round of renders about a week ago and it came out satisfying.

Now i needed to do some corrections on model and do another render, but now the shadows and reflections look messed up. (even in not corrected file) In canvas render looks as it should be, but when rendering final image, it comes out bad. I tried many scene settings, but nothing seem to fix thatDDA_KRONUS Assembled.pngr2b.png. The parts i made that is cargo looks fine, but the imported auto parts come out faulted. I attached examples.

Can someone identify where lies my problem?

Thanx in advance, Laura

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in reply to: lauraU6799

Hi Laura, 
Great question!

The first thing that comes to mind is position. I know it seems obvious but as the orientation and position are not saved, it is easy to do a new render at a slightly different angle and end up with a very different lighting issue. 

Can you clarify which settings yo have played around with and if ALL of the imported bodies are affected?

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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Thank you for the answer. I found out that local renderer made a fine picture while cloud renderer did this weird thing. I dont know why, because the first time i did with cloud, it was fine, but i finished the project in local renderer. Any idea why that would happen?


Best regatds,


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And also question about the fixed position. How can i do the same angle in two different projects?

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