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Mysterious switching WCS

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Mysterious switching WCS

Hey everyone, my students have been working this past week to do their first CAM Program start to finish. We set up our WCS on the machines today, probed all of our tools and cut our stock. Tomorrow my goal is to walk them through outputting an nc file that we can take over to the machine. Today I am doing a dry run myself and I posted using the Haas NGC Post from the Fusion 360 library. I verified my program is set to G54 and that is how my machine is set up. When I load the code on the machine however I am seeing G154 P46 where I expect to see G54. This is causing my machine to say things like "X over travel."   I have taught my kids to read/write a little g-code so for class tomorrow we will go through making the required changes at the controller. My question is, how do I get it to just output a g54 for the WCS so that I don't have to change it at the machine every time? 

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Hi @pdelosa I don't think it's switching. Here is what I'm going to guess is happening. In the WCS box, you entered in 54 to get G54. 


As you know, G54 - G59 are reserved in G code work work coordinate systems. The way that Fusion works is that enter a 1 will give you a G54. 2 gives you G55, 3 G56, 4, G57, 5 G58, and 6 G59. After the first 6 WCS, each control does things a little differently. On a Haas 7 would be G154 P1. So if my hunch is correct, Entering in 54 would give you G154 P48. I'm not quite sure why you got G154 P46. I could be wrong on my math. However, I think you will find that entering a 1 in the WCS offset field will give you a G54. 



Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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@kellings is exactly correct,

The way the WCS are mapped from Fusion to the post

Richard Stubley
Manager - Manufacturing Specialist Team
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However, if you adopt a workflow that include selecting a Machine, you would be able to just directly input the desired work offset and avoid having to remember that 1=54, 2=55 etc.


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Oh! That's right! I forgot we talked about this in a class at Folsom
recently. As I was trying to figure it out I had a feeling that I had some
prior knowledge on it but I couldn't remember exactly what the issue was.
Thanks for your quick response. I'll be able to use this in class today!

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to keep it simple I would stick with 0 as default or WCS 1 with no machine selection. 
have students put post in cloud so you know they are all using the same post and also put tools in cloud



ah ha I thought I saw that 54 = G54 when I used a machine. 

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