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Manufacture-additive toolpath

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Manufacture-additive toolpath

Hi, i have some problem about additive toolpath. Why when I select the machine "Foundry Lan Gen (Binder Jetting)" , the software did no appear the additive toolpath? I need the data of printing time to support my education report. Have any method or other machine binder jetting can be select to run out the printing time? Please help me.

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The current version of Fusion 360 (Latest release 5/30/2023) does not generate the necessary slice data required by the Foundry Lab Gen 2 printer. You can use Fusion 360 to 3D Arrange your parts effectively within the Foundry Lab Gen2 Printers build volume and export a 3MF, but you will need the slicer provided by Foundry lab to actually print parts on the GEN2 printer. Therefore you can not get the estimated print time  from Fusion 360.



Sounds like you dont want to print anything real, but simply want a number from the software for a report you are working on for university. If thats the case, you may want to try a different printer.


A completely different technology is offered by HP. (MultiJet fusion). After arranging your parts for 3d printing with an HP printer, if you actually have an HP printer, and are connected to it over the network, you could see the print time estimation in the HP software (HP Smart Stream 3D build manager)


In general (for binder jetting printers) the print time estimation is something that the Printer API needs to calculate and transfer to the print prep software. That is why in the HP example, you need to have the physical printer and be connected to it to get back the print time estimation.  

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Yes, I don't want to print anything real, but simply want a number from the software for a report. So, which machine (HP Jet Fusion 4200, 5200 5420W and 580) i can select in fusion 360 library to result the printing time? Here has anything machine i can select, just it can print in metal and better use the powder metal.
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Do you own an HP printer? If yes, select the specific printer you own and are connected to over the network. Only after you connect to the machine, you can see the print time estimation within the HP software as of today. 


If you don't own a binder jetting machine, and are not connect to that machine, you will not see the print time estimation in Fusion 360.


Autodesk Netfabb Premium  and Ultimate can give you build time estimation for Metal powder bed fusion printers. The attached example shows the build time estimation of a part within a Renishaw metal powder bed fusion 3d printer.


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