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Lofting with a 3d rail ?

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Lofting with a 3d rail ?



I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this question so i apologize in advance.


I want to create a loft from one curve to another but maintain a path in 3d so i can get a smooth tranzition.

The process is:

I make two spheres, 1 bigger.

I cut in them with the same sketch

I go to surfaces and remove the pieces i don't want 

Then i want to make a nice clean and curved loft between the edges in the picture

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Changing the tangent to g2 seems to do the trick i want.

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I would suggestion using the "Sphere primative" under the solid Create menu rather than a form Quadball as the start.  Loft can be picky about the edges and if you have divisions on edges it might mess up what you are trying to do.


When you start a sketch you can toggle on the "3d sketch" option in the palette an then use "Include 3d geometry" from the sketch menu.  You can then create a spline in 3d.  I would try a fit point spline with only a start/end.  Another option is to create projected curves. 

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its not pretty but here is an example



Building the projected/intersection curves takes a good bit of time so if you can getclose by just using curvature continuity I would do that.

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