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How to make sketch in 3d, or how to make the continuous line from X axis to z axis

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How to make sketch in 3d, or how to make the continuous line from X axis to z axis

I am trying to make a continuous ring attached from the tilted rod , right now there's a slight gap, it is not connected. Can you provide me tips to make it continuous, is it possible to sketch in 3d where I can make a continuous line on X axis and z axis.Screenshot (89).png

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It might be worth looking at the loft tool. You can move the pipes away from each other slightly (so the edges almost touch). You can then use the loft tool to create a smooth shape between the ends of your two pipes. 

On top of that, you can set it to be tangent, so the loft will blend perfectly into the pipe and it will look seamless! 

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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hey, thanks for helping, I tried the loft tool but it makes a straight edge rather than a curved one. Do you have any clue on how to make that?



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I'd suggest looking at the 3D Sketch tools. Here is a link to a 3D Sketching tutorial from  Product Design Online.

Hope this helps.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Thanks for helping out!


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