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How teams need to work for educators: a request

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How teams need to work for educators: a request

I'm on my third year now of working with high school students on Fusion. I was trying to put together a 'how to organize students on teams' post but there's a lot of trouble navigating the problem from the outside. I thought it would be worth putting in a feature request before trying to write an 'endless workarounds for simple problems' post. 

1) Getting yourself set up. It's vital that students and teachers be on the same team. When I first set up a class, everyone became their own team and only later did I learn to invite everyone's email BEFORE they join a team. Following on this, attempts to have student groups be a team is a disaster from a file-browsing perspective. Even if they added me to their team, having to switch between teams to find student files is a huge hassle. 

Request: Students should be added to their teacher's team when the teacher creates them, ie they should propagate directly into a team. 


2) Folder Structure: I have some folders the students can't access for my own work and then one large super-folder called "Student Work". I teach students for two years, and so I create a folder by graduating year and inside each student has a folder. I trust _my_ students not to grief each other, but it is a possible concern that the students all have access to each other's work. While my students make use of the opportunity to share files and use other people's work to understand how to do the assignments, it would be ideal if we could have them get the benefits without the risks.



  • Students should get propagated to the team with a folder already created
  • Students should have read-only access to each other's folders. 

3) File Permissions

Sometimes, when a student leaves the school, I'd like to be able to delete their folder, but permissions on teams are set up that files that have been in use, like where teacher and student have saved different versions, are very hard to remove. I also find I have to use 'naming schemes' like "AA - Lamp Models" to give the students a folder that lives at the top of the listing, and "ZZZ - bracket designs from last year" to try to move folders out of the top or bottom part of the listing, or put "ZZ" in front of students who aren't there anymore. 



  • Teacher should have the ability to delete all files.
  • Ideally, student work could be recovered if they or I accidentally deleted it. 
  • Teacher can assign students to a shared folder that they can edit, but others have read-only access. 
  • Private folder for students could be an option, though I'm not personally for it. 

4) Setting up classes - 

Back to the setup/organizational phase - the GUI on autodesk.com is really hard to navigate. Importing a spreadsheet of students or getting them formatting 'just right' to enter is confusing and hard to get right. I think I currently concatenate them with commas and spaces in a spreadsheet, then copy and paste to a text file. 



  • Make importing students work better - make an example file so that it's easier to match one's import to the right format.
  • Make it so a group of students can be affiliated with a class, so that one can activate/delete a class at once. delete all of that group next year from the shared team. 
  • In user-management, by user, I now have multiple old teams. Now I try to just have one. I've deleted the people from the old teams but it would be nice to have it go away. 
  • I have my classes organized into 'groups', but since deleting someone from a group doesn't delete it from the 'by user' list, I'm stuck duplicating effort. 

5) Confusing use of the concept/word 'TEAM'

In 'user management' I have a couple of teams. These are not the same as my actual team and shared file structure, which I invite students to. This I I access by opening fusion, and then opening the 'administrative console' gear icon in the browser section of Fusion. Why can't I find this in my actual user management section? Also: why is even finding the user management section so hard? 


  • Make 'teams' in user management equal the same 'teams' as one invites people to.
  • Link file management and user management GUIs
  • Make organizing teams and their folders seamless with adding and removing students and classes.

6) Autodesk website:

It's hard to find the items on your site from the educational side of things. 



  • The 'download your software link that I send students to in order to put Fusion on their home computers is left side, then right side three down from the top, then pick the coupon for Fusion 360, then download. SO many other links to the product take students to advertisements/overview pages, and do not make it clear to them that they already have a subscription and just need to download. Make this is a prominent link for students. 
  • Getting to the Forums is reached by hitting Community --> Autodesk Community --> Explore Community Forums --> Fusion 360. Students need a quick link to the forums for the subscriptions they've been given. 
  • When logging in as an educator, it's not at all obvious that adding students, subscriptions, etc, is found by going to Account --> products and services --> User Management in the drop down menu on the left. 
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in reply to: grad2

Hi @grad2 
This post is brilliant, thank you! I was wondering if you might be free sometime in the coming weeks to jump on a call with me and some of my colleagues. We would love to discuss your thoughts on this and understand how we can improve the experience! We are also looking to create some content around setting up students in teams so potentially, we could work together on this if you are up for it! 

Let me know some times that would suit you and I would love to chat with you ☺️

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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in reply to: o.briggs

Yes, I'm available after 2:30pm PST on most school days. Let me know! 

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