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Fusion Project not loading

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Fusion Project not loading

I am running into problems where multiple students are not able to access the "Engineering Robotics" Project in my team. I set up my classes according to the Video Dan put out at the begining of the school year. I thought it was a problem with the downloaded version of Fusion 360 (2.0.14569) so I switched over to the browser version. I am having the same issues. Some students can access the project but about 3/4 of the class cannot. My classes run about 30 students three times a day 90 min each class. My Lab is wireless. This has been going on for the last two weeks. 

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   I have a few questions:

  1. What type of project are you using? Folder-level, Open, Closed or Secret?
  2. Are the students using Chrome books? Or Mac/ Windows Laptops?
  3. Can the students see the project "Engineering Robotics" in the data panel? 
  4. If they can see the project "Engineering Robotics" in the data panel, are they not able to acess the data inside the project?


Thank you!

Porkodi Nathan

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My students created a project and put their components in it yesterday and today the project was gone.  Other students created a project and then a folder inside that project and both were gone today. 

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Is the project visible in Fusion Web? login.autodesk360.com
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Students use Folder-level project
Students using P310 desktop wireless internet at 13 - 30 Mbs.
Students use downloaded Fusion App and or Browser version through Chrome. Depends on whether they can access the project.
All students have been able to access the project "Engineering Robotics" in the data panel and save to their folders at some point or another.

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