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fusion model access right in the Fusion team

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fusion model access right in the Fusion team

I will teach Fusion for my class. So I want to create a team to let all the students submit their Fusion exercises in the team. However I want to prevent the students from coping each other so I want their Fusion exercises in the team only can be accessed by me. The students in the team cannot see the Fusion exercises done by other team members. How shall I do that?

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Hi @lis_wang 

great question! 
The best way to do this is using the new Folder-Level permissions that are available for education users! 

This is a type of project that allows you to change permissions of selected folders. If you create a folder for each of your students, you can set it so that the student can only access and view the documents inside their own folder and not anybody else’s. This way students can’t copy each other! 

You can 

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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Hi @lis_wang 

To follow up on Oliver’s suggestion; to learn how to setup your new class structure with a Folder-Level Project and onboard new students, watch the following webinar: Getting Started with new Fusion 360 enhanced roles and permissions

Here is more in-depth details on how to setup your classroom with Fusion Team in a step by step guide: Getting started with Fusion Team for Education

Hope these resources help.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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