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Fusion 360 in Classroom- How to see student files

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Fusion 360 in Classroom- How to see student files

I'm a first time Fusion 360 teachers (used Onshape and Inventor 2018 in previous years.)  All students are up and running on Fusion 360 on a team account that I invited them to.  What do I need to do to see and verify their work?  Do they need to invite me to join their team so I can see  their work?  Can they create a folder and share it with me or invite me to it?  I want to be able to see their progress.  This is high school.  I want to trust but verifiy that students are doing their own work.  I also need to grade what they have created.  I am looking for best practices amoung high school teachers.

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Hi @psamoraW8HR3 They could either invite you to their Team, or you could use a project and folder structure for them in your team. That would be the way I would recommend you go. With folder permissions, you can control access and set things up so you don't have to jump between teams. You can even create a read only folder with their assignments and projects that is read only so they can copy it to their folder. That allows you to do only have to do the work once and everyone can copy that data to start from. 


Here is a thread that will get you started. As you have more questions, please ask and we will answer those questions and help you refine your process. 

Using Fusion Team and Folder-Level Project in a Class Video - Autodesk Community - Fusion 360

Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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Thank you!

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