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Fusion 360 certification practice

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Fusion 360 certification practice

Hello, are there any additional resources I can use to prepare for the Associate in Mechanical Design certification test for Fusion 360? I already finished everything in the designated course, although it seems that the questions don't change after resetting. Is there a database of questions that these tests use so I have a better idea of what to expect? At this point I'm just watching videos on YouTube to improve my knowledge in the criteria. Thank you.

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Hi @nelaraby4 

Thanks for posting your question. I'll see what  I can learn about additional learning material for the Mechanical Design certification exam.




Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Hi @nelaraby4 


This is Gregory with Autodesk certification support. I was informed that you are planning to take the CAD for Mechanical Design certification exam and are looking for related training. For the CAD for Mechanical Design certification there are several resources available on Autodesk’s Learning & Certification hub website to help one prepare for their exam.


1. Learning Pathways - Skill development courses are grouped into Learning Pathways that are aligned with each certification. Below are links to learning pathway resources for CAD for Mechanical Design:

2 - The CAD for Mechanical Design certification overview page includes:

I trust this is more of what you are looking for. If any you have questions or hit a roadblock, please contact certification support directly by submitting this short form to create a new support request. 


Otherwise, all the best to you in your studies and exam.




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