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Fusion 360 CAM for 2.5 Axis Milling Learning Pathway

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Fusion 360 CAM for 2.5 Axis Milling Learning Pathway

I started to look at this Fusion course and curriculum and have already run into an issue 01:39 into the first lesson.  That's less then 2 minutes.   I downloaded the resource folder for Blueprint Basics and opened the 123 block file.  The drawing file loads but the part file does not load with it.  In the video the author is able to select the tab on the top of the fusion window to toggle back n forth between the drawing file and the part file.  I cant do that.  I can only open the drawing file and i don't have any options to open the part-   How do I get the part file to open?? 


This Autodesk Course 


The link to the course is above.   



Has anyone else looked at this course yet?

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Hi @jmackniak 

Thanks for posting your question. Adding @MattPerez314 who may have insights into your question.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: jmackniak

Thanks Dan.

@jmackniak in the downloaded resources you should see an f3z file called "123 Block Drawing.f3z".  This f3z archive file should contain the part and drawing.  In that first video at around 0:15 it mentions this file.  F3z archive files will have a longer conversion process and opening them in Fusion will require you to select a folder location it can place all the files.  


I just did a test on my end uploading the f3z file and the 123 block and drawing stay linked.  If that doesn't work for you please let Dan and myself know here so we can help troubleshoot.



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