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Enable educational access doesn't work

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Enable educational access doesn't work

Hi, I recently got my educational license activated. When using Fusion 360 I get this notification:


After pressing 'Enable educational access' I get the following pop-up confirming my educational access is enabled:


When I restart Fusion 360, my educational version is not activated and it still shows: (Trail expiring in 27 days) After a few seconds this process starts over and the first notification pops up again asking me to enable educational access.


I've rebooted my pc, re-installed Fusion a few times and deleted all the cache without success. Any suggestions on how to resolve the matter? Thanks in advance. 🙂


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Hi @nick.lebruyn7BW5W 

Can you please try the following.

  1. Log into the Autodesk Education site
  2. and on the Fusion 360 product card click:
  3. Get product
  4. Then click ACCESS


  5. Sign out and back into Fusion 360.

Let us know if this solves the issue.



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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It is in fact resolved! Thank you.

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