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Education Licensing/Verificaton

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Education Licensing/Verificaton

Is there an easier way to do the education verification for any of your students? All the students I have must go through the verification process, and to be honest, it is a massive pain. I understand the benefits of students having their own accounts and a cloud-based system, but this is making me reconsider going back to Inventor or another product like OnShape. 


Is there a way that Autodesk can auto-approve education licenses for anyone with a specific district email address? For example anyone with an "@frontiercsd.org" email could be auto-approved. Any help appreciated!

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Hi @georgeouimet1 

Thanks for posting your concern. When your students created their Autodesk account, did they use their school email address? 

As an alternative, educators can assign students licenses Educator’s guide to onboarding and offboarding students. When a student is assigned a license, they only have to accept the invitation via an email (no verification).



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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I had no idea I could do that. This is incredibly helpful. Thank you!!

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