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Create tool holder - cant find ER32 in standard library

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Create tool holder - cant find ER32 in standard library

We are using Introduction to Cad, Cam and Practical CNC machining. In CNC milling basics it says to create a digital tool.
Can find holder in standard library. I am testing this out so I see same products as students

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Hi Ed. I believe this was a library at the time the content was made, but some changes to tool libraries since then has changed what is now available. 


Let me check with some of the parties involved tomorrow and find out.




Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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Hey Ed, it seems that the blanks were moved to that folder in the library under "Holders - Standard Taper".  Not sure when that happened but you did find the right blank referenced in the pdf/video.


At around 4:45 you modify the height to 1in, and the holder geometry does change.  I think for some reason when you hit enter it is Accepting the tool edit.  For me when i hit enter it jumps to the next available value (upper diameter) in row 9.  Not sure why that is.  But what you showed in your video is the correct  behavior.  We are just showing the copy and edit of a standard CAT40 holder making the height match what an ER32 would be.  

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