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Create a sheet metal tube with overlap

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Create a sheet metal tube with overlap

Hi. I have been trying to achieve a work around for a sheet metal tube to be created so that it can be overlapped and riveted.

Edxample: a 700mm diameter tube out of 0.7mm sheet steel is rolled and then overlapped by 25mm. In this overlap are the rivet holes ( say 😎 to be drawn in so that when the flat pattern is laid out it can be cut non the laser, rolled and riveted to be exactly 700mm in diameter.

My problem is when I try to add a 12.5mm extrusion to each end on the rip it wants to obviously join or new body. Join wont lay out flat and new body wont show in flat pattern.

Any ideas?

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Hi @natalevo79 Have you considered doing this as a contour flange? I made a quick and rough example of a possible workflow for this. I created the offset in the sketch and then made sure the profile overlapped. 


Would this work for you as a way to to do this? 




Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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I think that is a faster way than I was doing it. I didn't know of there was a setting or a function that might allow an overlap without joining it together. Thanks again, well done. Much appreciated.

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