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Cannot unfold or create flat pattern

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Cannot unfold or create flat pattern

I have a sheet metal part with a long straight section then a rounded section and another straight section after this. The rounded part will need to be rolled. I cannot get Fusion 360 to flatten or unfold that part for me. Where did I go wrong? Other parts in that assembly flatten OK for me. 

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Hi @jonawald
Looking at your file it seems that there is an issue with your original flange that is preventing the model from fully resolving. This is likely why your body will not un-fold. Once this issue is resolved it is likely that you will not have subsequent issues. I cannot tell how this body was modelled. Was it imported from another model or have items been deleted after the body's creation? 

I recommend you go back to the original flange operation and make some changes to ensure that no warnings come up. If you would like to post the original file with the design here I can look into it further but without knowing how it was originally modelled it is a little tricky 🙂

Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 19.04.38.png

Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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Thanks by the way. I forgot to come back to you. When you told me there was a problem with the part itself I was able to fix it. It was probably some edge that was not cut square. I used this part as a template and made a new one exactly like it and it unfolded as expected. Thanks again. 

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