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Assigning learning modules

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Assigning learning modules

Hi, I am new to Fusion and I am trying to learn to use it along with my class. I found the educator resources with the videos and lessons in the various module topics, but how do I assign them to students? So far, I have downloaded the videos and pdf files to assign them through Canvas, but how can they take the quiz at the end of the module through Autodesk?

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Hi @tdboler 

Welcome to the Fusion family. I passed your question to our content team. They should reply soon.




Dan Banach
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@tdboler wrote:

 but how can they take the quiz at the end of the module through Autodesk?

Each student will need to have an account and take the course independently. Though I'm not certain how Canvas at the school is setup with Autodesk Learning and SSO. I'm checking now.

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They have the account, but I don't know how to assign the course to them through it. All I've been able to find is adding it to a collection on my end.

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@tdboler wrote:

They have the account, but I don't know how to assign the course to them through it. All I've been able to find is adding it to a collection on my end.

Am I right that through Canvas you are assigning this course title that is linked to the course content under Autodesk Learning. if so, are you asking how each student's completion of the course will be communicated through canvas? Is this the first of Autodesk's courses you have assigned? Are students accessing their Autodesk accounts using SSO? 


I'm checking with a colleague now who may be chiming in here.

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No, so far I have just been downloading the resources and uploading them to an assignment in Canvas for them to complete on their downloaded Fusion App. They are not getting credit on the Autodesk account for completion of the activities, just what I have them do for canvas (i.e. they are using the tools to create the practice sketches, but are not answering the video quiz questions to get module credit in Autodesk). I would like to assign it to them through Autodesk so that they can do the quizzes instead of using Canvas.

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I'm getting this question to someone familiar with Canvas integration. Stay turned...
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Currently our platform doesn't support integration with other platforms like Canvas but it's in the works.

There are Playlists under each Autodesk account an instructor can create and shared among their Students. Although you won't be able to see other user's activity, students have an Autodesk account they will be able to complete the assessments and downland a certificate of completion upon the successful completion of the course.

The general process could be assigning a course or Playlist to students in canvas, where each student can report the status of their course back to the instructor, for example, by sharing their certificate of course completion or a screenshot of their current status in the course outline.

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How do I assign the playlists?

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@tdboler Here are the steps to create and share playlists under Autodesk Learning.


1. - Go to Autodesk Learning > Catalog. In  the search results click the plus sign "+" to add to a list: 



2 - Name the list if it is new and turn Private list off to share it. 




3 - Go to the My dashboard > My lists tab. 




4 - Copy the list's URL to include on an assignments page in Canvas or distribute through standard communications (email, classroom messaging, etc.)



You'll find the same plus sign "+" buttons on other screens that can be used in the same manner.












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