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Alcoa bracket output has less than 2 safety factor

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Alcoa bracket output has less than 2 safety factor

I took one of the converged Alcoa generative designs:



and ran a static stress test on it, using parameters pulled over from the generative design environment.  When the study finished, I have a factor of safety less than 2.  The design criteria was original FOS of 2 in generative environment.  


I tried refining the mesh and got the same result.  Any thoughts....it seems the two factors of safety should correlate?


Output model attached with simulation setup...



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Hi @justin.mortensen 

I checked with the Generative Design team and here is what they said.

This is not uncommon and will almost never be a 1-1 perfect correlation. They should use the legend to isolate the area that is not meeting the requirement. This should be a very small amount of material, likely in an area of a stress concentration. That is not always the case, but usually in these areas. Generally speaking, GD accounts like 98-99% of the stresses on the voxel mesh, whereas simulation is doing a tet mesh on the converted BREP, so there is always going to be a bit of variation. What they should be looking for is that the model in the SIM workspace does not have huge areas of SF violation. If they are seeing something like that, then we need to dig deeper. 

Here is a link to another forum post, that asked the same question.


Hope this data helps.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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This makes complete sense.  Thank you for the other post, it gives a good explanation. 



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