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318 Z over travel range Haas TL-1 lathe

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318 Z over travel range Haas TL-1 lathe

Hi, I created a CAM program for my TL-1 lathe and when I run the program it gets a 318 Z over travel range alarm at line N270 G0 X2.8 Z1. what could be the problem causing this error, any solutions?


N10 G98 G18
N11 G20
N12 G50 S6000
N13 M31
N14 G53 G0 X0.
N15 G53 G0 Z0.

N16 T101
N17 M0
N18 G99
N19 G97 S783 M3
N20 G54
N21 M8
N22 G0 X3.2 Z1.
N23 G50 S5000
N24 G96 S656 M3
N25 G0 Z0.0566
N26 X2.4
N27 G1 X2.1131 F0.03937
N28 X2. Z0.
N29 X-0.0312
N30 X0.0819 Z0.0566
N31 G0 X2.4
N32 Z0.0166
N33 G1 X2.1131 F0.03937
N34 X2. Z-0.04
N35 X-0.0312
N36 X0.0819 Z0.0166
N37 G0 X2.4
N38 Z-0.0234
N39 G1 X2.1131 F0.03937
N40 X2. Z-0.08
N41 X-0.0312
N42 X0.0819 Z-0.0234
N43 G0 X3.2
N44 G97 S783 M3

N45 M9
N46 G0 X2.8 Z1.
N47 G50 S5000
N48 G96 S656 M3
N49 G0 Z0.0566
N50 X2.0929
N51 G1 X2.0331 F0.03937
N52 X1.92 Z0.
N53 Z-2.5281
N54 X2.
N55 X2.16
N56 G0 Z0.0566
N57 X1.9531
N58 G1 X1.84 Z0. F0.03937
N59 Z-2.5281
N60 X1.92
N61 X2.0331 Z-2.4716
N62 G0 Z0.0566
N63 X1.8731
N64 G1 X1.76 Z0. F0.03937
N65 Z-2.5281
N66 X1.84
N67 X1.9531 Z-2.4716
N68 G0 Z0.0566
N69 X1.7931
N70 G1 X1.68 Z0. F0.03937
N71 Z-2.5281
N72 X1.76
N73 X1.8731 Z-2.4716
N74 G0 Z0.0566
N75 X1.7131
N76 G1 X1.6 Z0. F0.03937
N77 Z-2.5281
N78 X1.68
N79 X1.7931 Z-2.4716
N80 G0 Z0.0566
N81 X1.6331
N82 G1 X1.52 Z0. F0.03937
N83 Z-1.0613
N84 G18 G3 X1.58 Z-1.2192 I-0.4006 K-0.1579
N85 G1 Z-2.3031
N86 G3 X1.52 Z-2.4028 I-0.1806 K0.
N87 G1 Z-2.5281
N88 X1.6
N89 X1.7131 Z-2.4716
N90 G0 Z0.0566
N91 X1.5531
N92 G1 X1.44 Z0. F0.03937
N93 Z-0.9838
N94 G3 X1.56 Z-1.1269 I-0.3606 K-0.2353
N95 G1 X1.6731 Z-1.0703
N96 G0 Z0.0566
N97 X1.4731
N98 G1 X1.36 Z0. F0.03937
N99 Z-0.9317
N100 G3 X1.48 Z-1.0178 I-0.3206 K-0.2875
N101 G1 X1.5931 Z-0.9612
N102 G0 Z0.0566
N103 X1.3931
N104 G1 X1.28 Z0. F0.03937
N105 Z-0.8925
N106 G3 X1.4 Z-0.9557 I-0.2806 K-0.3266
N107 G1 X1.5131 Z-0.8991
N108 G0 Z0.0566
N109 X1.3131
N110 G1 X1.2 Z0. F0.03937
N111 Z-0.8621
N112 G3 X1.32 Z-0.9109 I-0.2406 K-0.3571
N113 G1 X1.4331 Z-0.8543
N114 G0 Z0.0566
N115 X1.2331
N116 G1 X1.12 Z0. F0.03937
N117 Z-0.8381
N118 G3 X1.24 Z-0.8764 I-0.2006 K-0.381
N119 G1 X1.3531 Z-0.8198
N120 G0 Z0.0566
N121 X1.1531
N122 G1 X1.04 Z0. F0.03937
N123 Z-0.158
N124 G3 X1.08 Z-0.2406 I-0.1606 K-0.0826
N125 G1 Z-0.8239
N126 X1.0805 Z-0.8258
N127 X1.0821 Z-0.8276
N128 X1.0846 Z-0.829
N129 X1.0879 Z-0.8301
N130 G3 X1.16 Z-0.8494 I-0.1846 K-0.3891
N131 G1 X1.2731 Z-0.7928
N132 G0 Z0.0566
N133 X1.0731
N134 G1 X0.96 Z0. F0.03937
N135 Z-0.1062
N136 G3 X1.08 Z-0.24 I-0.1206 K-0.1344
N137 G1 X1.1931 Z-0.1835
N138 G0 Z0.0566
N139 X0.9931
N140 G1 X0.88 Z0. F0.03937
N141 Z-0.079
N142 G3 X1. Z-0.1273 I-0.0806 K-0.1616
N143 G1 X1.1131 Z-0.0707
N144 G0 Z0.0566
N145 X0.9131
N146 G1 X0.8 Z0. F0.03937
N147 Z-0.0646
N148 G3 X0.92 Z-0.0906 I-0.0406 K-0.176
N149 G1 X1.0331 Z-0.0341
N150 G0 Z0.0566
N151 X0.8331
N152 G1 X0.72 Z0. F0.03937
N153 Z-0.06
N154 G3 X0.84 Z-0.0705 I-0.0006 K-0.1806
N155 G1 X0.9531 Z-0.0139
N156 G0 Z0.0566
N157 X0.7531
N158 G1 X0.64 Z0. F0.03937
N159 Z-0.06
N160 X0.7187
N161 G3 X0.76 Z-0.0612 K-0.1806
N162 G1 X0.8731 Z-0.0046
N163 G0 Z0.0566
N164 X0.6731
N165 G1 X0.56 Z0. F0.03937
N166 Z-0.06
N167 X0.68
N168 X0.7931 Z-0.0034
N169 G0 Z0.0566
N170 X0.5931
N171 G1 X0.48 Z0. F0.03937
N172 Z-0.06
N173 X0.6
N174 X0.7131 Z-0.0034
N175 G0 Z0.0566
N176 X0.5131
N177 G1 X0.4 Z0. F0.03937
N178 Z-0.06
N179 X0.52
N180 X0.6331 Z-0.0034
N181 G0 Z0.0566
N182 X0.4331
N183 G1 X0.32 Z0. F0.03937
N184 Z-0.06
N185 X0.44
N186 X0.5531 Z-0.0034
N187 G0 Z0.0566
N188 X0.3531
N189 G1 X0.24 Z0. F0.03937
N190 Z-0.06
N191 X0.36
N192 X0.4731 Z-0.0034
N193 G0 Z0.0566
N194 X0.2731
N195 G1 X0.16 Z0. F0.03937
N196 Z-0.06
N197 X0.28
N198 X0.3931 Z-0.0034
N199 G0 Z0.0566
N200 X0.1935
N201 G1 X0.0804 Z0. F0.03937
N202 Z-0.06
N203 X0.2
N204 X0.3131 Z-0.0034
N205 G0 Z0.0566
N206 X0.1139
N207 G1 X0.0008 Z0. F0.03937
N208 Z-0.06
N209 X0.1204
N210 X0.2335 Z-0.0034
N211 X0.9346
N212 G0 X1.6331
N213 Z-0.9918
N214 G1 Z-2.3462 F0.03937
N215 X1.52 Z-2.4028
N216 G3 X1.4412 Z-2.4455 I-0.1506 K0.0997
N217 G1 X1.44 Z-2.4459
N218 Z-2.5281
N219 X1.52
N220 X1.6331 Z-2.4716
N221 G0 Z-2.4612
N222 G1 Z-2.3983 F0.03937
N223 X1.5685
N224 X1.44 Z-2.4459
N225 X1.36 Z-2.4772
N226 Z-2.5281
N227 X1.44
N228 X1.5531 Z-2.4716
N229 Z-2.4295
N230 X1.4885
N231 X1.36 Z-2.4772
N232 X1.2948 Z-2.5026
N233 Z-2.5281
N234 X1.36
N235 X1.4731 Z-2.4716
N236 Z-2.455
N237 X1.4233
N238 X1.2948 Z-2.5026
N239 X1.2295 Z-2.5281
N240 X1.2948
N241 X1.4079 Z-2.4716
N242 X1.5037
N243 G0 X1.7401
N244 Z-0.0434
N245 X0.9165
N246 G1 X0.0819 F0.03937
N247 X-0.0312 Z-0.1
N248 X0.7187
N249 G3 X1. Z-0.2406 K-0.1406
N250 G1 Z-0.8239
N251 G2 X1.0536 Z-0.8662 I0.0469 K0.
N252 G3 X1.5 Z-1.2192 I-0.1674 K-0.3529
N253 G1 Z-2.3031
N254 G3 X1.3919 Z-2.4139 I-0.1406 K0.
N255 G1 X1.0996 Z-2.5281
N256 X1.2326 Z-2.4837
N257 X1.4733
N258 G0 X2.8
N259 Z1.
N260 G97 S895 M3
N261 G53 G0 X0.
N262 G53 G0 Z0.

N263 M1
N264 T404
N265 M0
N266 G99
N267 G97 S895 M3
N268 G54
N269 M8
N270 G0 X2.8 Z1.
N271 G50 S5000
N272 G96 S656 M3
N273 G0 Z-2.5375
N274 G1 X-0.063 F0.03937
N275 X2.8
N276 G0 Z1.
N277 G97 S895 M3

N278 M9
N279 M33
N280 G53 G0 X0.
N281 G53 G0 Z0.
N282 M30

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in reply to: skakoonracing

 Hi @skakoonracing Over travels can be caused by a few things. The WCS not set up properly in the model. The wrong WCS position in the machine. The wrong offsets applied to the tool in the Fusion tool library. 


Can you post a link to your file or upload your file here? If you want to provide a link, right click on the file in the data panel and choose share link. Then paste that link here and we can take a look. 





Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

If my post resolves your issue, please click the Accept Solution button.
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in reply to: kellings

https://a360.co/3zNJNWz , thanks for the help.

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in reply to: skakoonracing

Hi @skakoonracing Thanks for the file. The setup and cam look correct to me. It's been quite a while since I've used a TL lathe. I'm looking into possible tool offset/ turret number issues. I'll be back with an update soon. 

Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

If my post resolves your issue, please click the Accept Solution button.
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in reply to: skakoonracing

I suspect the tool offset is wrong at the machine, or it's possible that his part-off tool is extended too far. Can you have a look and verify? 





Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

If my post resolves your issue, please click the Accept Solution button.
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in reply to: kellings

Thanks for the help, I found the problem. I set up tool one and two for offsets but I guess since the part off was the third operation it has the part off tool as tool three not tool two.

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