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Using form tools on a solid object that was made from several bodies

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Using form tools on a solid object that was made from several bodies

Not a clue what I am doing with the form tool.  I put together a solid object to use as a base model with the intension of using form tools to do the finish shaping.  Apparently, things are a bit more complicated than I thought.  I can't seem to do anything with the mode (fillet, camfer, or form).  I sometimes get the message that the model is not manifold. Not sure how to make it so, or to get the form tools to recognize the mode.   


I've attached the document and a screen shot.  Can anyone get me a kick start in the way of a tutorial or docuement that might lead me toward this goal?

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Hi @crchisholm Does this video provide any help?

(2) Fusion 360 - BRep to T-SPline workflow - YouTube


I had a look at your file and I'm not sure you are going to be able to do what you want based on the file you have constructed. One thing that would help would be to have all bodies joined as you create them. I'm not sure the geometry you have in the file will be clean enough to bel about to use the forms tool on. 




Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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Hi @crchisholm,


Unfortunately, I don't understand what your goal is.

If it is to make some shape on the edges, you can maybe create a sweep of a contour along the edges.


But without knowing what your goal is it is hard to help you further.


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Marco Takx
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I guess I should have lead off with the ultimate goal.  Short version:  I'm retired and on SS and am looking for a way to make reliefs from solids.  The idea behind the orchid model was to try and create relief of the orchid without breaking the bank.  I know that I can do it with Aspire and other high end software solutions, but I really can't afford their price tag.  Sooooo....being the cheap skate that I am, I'm trying to find a more affordable way to do this for someone on SS.



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