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Trouble having class download Fusion 360

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Trouble having class download Fusion 360

What is the best way to have entire classes of students gain access and download Fusion 360 and AutoCad? Verifying education accounts has posed issues for me as some kids don't have IDs or forget them. I have also had one student that was unable to verify my high school as an educational institution even though the rest of the class could. Some students were looped back to the AutoDesk landing page over and over after they were approved and attempting to download the products. Do you have a solution to my student's verification issue and possibly a more streamlined way to grant classes access and downloads all at once? Thank you much!

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Hi @dcareyXY4A3 

Here is an article that should help. Educator’s guide to onboarding and offboarding students. Option 2, will be what you're looking for.



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Great, thanks Dan!

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